Stewardship in families is a long-term vision, a legacy of both giving back to the larger community and helping the family flourish over many years. It is framed in terms of, “what will be best for my family years from now?” Al Watts, in his book Navigating Integrity, says. “Effective stewardship requires that ability to see the distant effect of our decisions and action today-where distance may be measured in many miles or many generations.”

Families that are successful have intentional conversations about stewardship. They work together to answer questions such as: “How do we use our wealth wisely and effectively?” “What does stewardship look like for us as a family?” How do we deal with our individual differences?” These conversations can help family members change their relationship with wealth. Really underscoring a sense of stewardship and giving back is one of the most dynamic things that can break families free from the cycle of entitlement.