For many families of significant means, money was the outcome, not the goal.

Every family has quirks, patterns and tolerances that have developed over decades. Some are so busy being in the family they don’t have time or tools to work on the family system. The family may be generally happy yet a craving for more taps at the backs of the members’ thinking. Each member sees potential in their fellow family members; some don’t see the innate potential in themselves. All of these factors affect the family’s internal harmony and, in turn, its collective impact outside of the family system and into future generations.

For many families of significant means, money was the outcome, not the goal. However, with adult children and grandchildren, families face the ongoing challenge of modeling and sustaining what it means to lead a rich life – a life enhanced yet not dominated by material wealth.

Wealth exacerbates a family’s preexisting fault lines. The generational time clock converts minor annoyances into brick walls of disunity. Consider your family now versus fifty years from now. You can make the good better or allow the rough spots to magnify. You can continue at status quo or create a powerful unit for betterment and change outside of the family system.

The Pullen Consulting Group works with families who aspire to move from simply good to exceptional. We are engaged by the family to work for the family. We work one-on-one with individual members while also weaving together the personalities, potential and passions into a unified whole.

We believe that change occurs in the direction of your attention. We find and grow the existing positive potential within the people and the people-system.

Topics for Family Meetings include:

  • Communication
  • Psychology of Wealth
  • Emergenetics Profiles to understand individual strengths and differences
  • Appreciative Inquiry
  • Re-building trust
  • Family meetings
  • Best practices of flourishing families
  • Family purpose and vision
  • Values retreat
  • Impact of sudden wealth and wealth
  • transitions
  • Creating conversations about what wealth means
  • Behavioral finance
  • Philanthropy
  • Personal and business coaching
  • Leadership development
  • Strategic life plan
Courtney’s life-purpose focused approach to coaching and consulting not only reconnected my family, but has enabled our success. His continual encouragement to work through life’s challenges and decision based on purpose leads to positive outcomes. Courtney first listens to client’s needs and then draws from his wealth of coaching experience and knowledge to recommend real life solutions.
Rick Mayer,
The Mayer Family
Working with Courtney Pullen as our family coach is at once profoundly rewarding and just plain fun. In only five years, we have made enormous strides in cultivating thoughtful stewardship and strong financial health. As we move forward in the future, we have utmost faith that Courtney will inspire us to deepen our commitments even more.
David F. Good
I have recommended Courtney to several of our advisors and their families and with much success he was able to turn dysfunctional family situations into much more productive healthy family units. Hats off to Courtney for being the dynamic professional he is.
Kim Hamilton,
CMO & Principal
In KnowVision