Modern research confirms the truth of this adage; some 90% of affluent families lose their wealth by the end of the third generation.

The true tragedy is that, as the wealth dissolves, so does the family. Members often end up disconnected and embroiled in conflict. The result is harm to the families, to their communities, and to the larger culture.

What are the other 10% doing? How do families achieve success and prosperity, enjoy the fruits of that success, and pass on a legacy of financial and emotional health? What’s the secret to ensuring the American Dream doesn’t turn into the American Nightmare?

For many families, the answer is intentionality.

Flourishing families consciously work to create legacies of stewardship, values, and balance. Intentional Wealth shares some of the strategies these thriving families use to help all their members build healthy, empowered relationships with money.

Intentional Wealth is about what works. It is a valuable guide for any family wanting to go from shirt sleeves to success, generation after generation.

Courtney has done a wonderful job in providing a thoughtful, practical guide to help families understand how financial wealth can be used to fully benefit multiple generations. He blends decades of experience, common sense, and academic knowledge to provide a complete picture of the challenges and the opportunities. Every family should read this honest book.
Katherine Lintz
Matter Family Office
Too many conversations among affluent families begin and end around the money. Courtney Pullen shares a pathway, proven by the successful families he has served, which will transform the way you think and talk about stewardship and financial well-being. Intentional Wealth will inspire all who read it to purposefully create a positive and sustainable legacy.
John A. Warnick
Purposeful Planning Institute
There are wealthy families that flourish. They are successful, not just in maintaining inherited wealth, but in passing on intentional legacies of stewardship and values.

I have devoted my career to understanding what these thriving families do and to helping other families learn from them. My work is to help families go from shirt sleeves to success.

Courtney Pullen,
Intentional Wealth helps families and their advisors understand the concept of stewardship as an intentional set of practices that help a family flourish.
James (Jay) E. Hughes, Jr.,
Author of Family Wealth – Keeping it in the Family