Assertions vs. Assessments. Suppose I make two statements: I am a man and I’m tall. What is the difference between the two? “I am a man” is a fact. It is an assertion that can be measured and proven. “I am tall” is subjective, an assessment that is an opinion or judgment.

Problems arise when we allow assessment to live as a “fact.” It may not cause much difficulty in my life if I assume “ I am tall” to be a fact. It’s a different matter, though, if I live with an assertion such as “I am stupid” and believe it to be a fact. I will conduct my life as if that statement is true, when it is really an assessment. The result will be damaging to my self-worth, my relationships. Similar damage is caused by the assessments we make about other people.

A question to consider: Have you made up a story about you or someone close to you that needs to be revised?