What does it mean to have a conscious relationship with money? We are influenced by so many factors from old money scripts that we learned growing up. This is usually what our parents modeled, what our culture tells us and from it, we learn to fear. What would it look like if you had a view of money liberated from those factors? Imagine the possibilities. To be conscious means we have created a distinct awareness of ourselves, our communities and the world that surrounds us. Through patience and observation, we come to understand how our actions and thoughts impact our lives and relationships. Imagine if you treated your relationship to money like a life-long marriage. How can you find a path to endearment for something that feels so difficult to many, many people? A conscious relationship to money can be created when you approach how you perceive it as a meditation. Watch yourself throughout a day. When did money make you tense? When did it put you at ease? When did an interaction with someone else create a feeling around money? How can you manage your expectations about money, giving, and receiving with a meditative-like approach? What if every time you felt anxiety about money, you took a deep breath? What if you created a special five-minute money meditation for yourself? Can you find this time during the day so you can usher in positivity and breathe out any negative feelings that may block your conscious relationship to money?