Are you feeling frustrated about your relationship with money? Most people are in some capacity or another, so you are not alone. I’m going to suggest a very therapeutic exercise about money that takes just 10 minutes! Sit down in a quiet space, clear your mind, take a deep breath and write down all of your negative thoughts about money. The list may be long, after all, it is the root of all evil. For many of us, this starts very early on in our lives. So, ask yourself… “why do I feel bad about money and how?” What are your financial patterns? How do you view your debt? How does money affect your perceptions of yourself? Do you empower money so that it boosts or knocks your self-esteem? Why do you think this is the case? After you have answered these questions, identify where you can improve any negative traits and amplify the positive ones. What steps can you take to create a healthy relationship with money? Great things are accomplished just by taking a detailed look at your current situation and how you arrived there in the first place. Can you get to a place where money is the root of all happiness in your life?