Money scripts, we all have a few and often use them unconsciously. One of my favorites; “money doesn’t grow on trees”. Think about that from a child’s perspective, what does it really mean? Money doesn’t flow, money isn’t easily available, money isn’t abundant. A child who hears this throughout his or her life is left with confusion, because the phrase is loaded with negativity. For example, if tied to an experience such as wanting a new toy that is beyond a parent’s budget, the child may feel shame or embarrassment around money. Children internalize these perceptions about money and take them into adulthood. We can, however, learn how to override these unhealthy money judgments by shifting to a place of new possibilities. Imagine replacing any feelings of negativity around money and your finances with joy. What if you viewed your perceptions about budgeting, spending limits, saving and other financial health tools in a positive light? What money scripts have stayed with you and how have they influenced you? If you were to choose a new money script that leaves you feeling empowered, what would it be?