By design, we are purposeful human beings who aspire to lead authentic lives. Yet, we tend to be burdened by our histories, family patterns, cultural expectations, and the negative stories we tell ourselves.

Our strength at Pullen Consulting is in assisting individuals and families in overcoming these burdens so they can grow into their full potential and live rich and fulfilling lives.

We do this by customizing individual and group coaching to meet the needs of each client.

We specialize in working with mission-oriented companies, non-profits, and the leaders of these organizations, as well as entrepreneurs and families who want to live purposeful and impactful lives.

By using communication tools, assessments, performance technology, and wisdom traditions that ignite positive and effective change from the inside out, our promise is to stand with you in designing a powerful future for your business, organization, or family.

Courtney's Work

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Areas of Focus:


The Pullen Consulting Group works with families who aspire to move from simply good to exceptional. We work one-on-one with individual members while also weaving together the personalities, potential and passions into a unified whole. More…

Leadership & Business

Leadership and Business Coaching

Courtney has been helping individuals, organizations, and families realize their potential for thirty years. His individual and group-coaching model is designed for those who want to live authentically and have greater impact on the organizations they serve. More…

Professional Services Firms

To thrive as an independent professional services firm requires a unique combination of intellect, tenacity and heart. Many advisors achieve excellence in some areas while other areas of life or business receive less attention. More…



The impact of the body of work presented in Intentional Wealth will eventually be a measurable increase in the number of legacy families and their contributions to the overall good of humanity. Courtney Pullen does not waste time searching for magic formulas, he gives us the Ten Habits of Healthy Families as the essential components families and their advisors can use to construct their own path to multi-generational well-being. This is the guidebook families of wealth have been looking for. It is a wonderful combination of old truths and fresh thinking laid out in clear steps supported by meaningful stories.
Susan Bradley CFP®
, Sudden Money Institute® Institute for Certified Financial Transitionist®

Courtney's Work

An interview with Simple Tax
“Courtney’s contribution to our family’s learning and growth is immeasurable. His unique ability to facilitate family conversations that improve relationships, deepen learning, and celebrate strengths is a true gift. I am grateful to have Courtney as an integral part of our family advisory team.”
Jake Knight

Living a Rich Life

The true value that thriving families and organizations achieve with intentional effort to create legacies of stewardship, values and balance

10 Habits That Keep Families Wealthy

Courtney Pullen studies wealthy families as president of the Pullen Consulting Group, framed by his 10 Habits of a Healthy Family Culture. “Maintaining wealth and [...]

How to Eliminate Entitlement

Stewardship in families is a long-term vision, a legacy of both giving back to the larger community and helping the family flourish over many years. [...]

Not Guilt. Gratitude

Most of the families I have worked with or interviewed discuss openly their sense of responsibility to be the stewards of the wealth. There is [...]

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